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Support an orphanage that helps local children and a whole village blossom.

We aim to work consciously in 3 areas for - the Earth, Humankind & Spirit to build a better place for all.

Early years photos...


Indian Orphan Mission

A minimum of 15% of NFT profits goes directly towards IOM to help children and the local village of Orissa.

I personally started this project back in 2004 when I traveled to India from France for the first time.

I went to Orissa in a remote, poor and undeveloped tribal place called Bawaniptna. It was confronting to see so many people needing help and this touched me deeply.
I met a man named Andriya who wanted to help his people and strengthen his community by building an orphanage for the local homeless children.

We joined forces and I went back to France to gather finances and together we started to build structures to kick-start the orphanage.
Year after year we achieved amazing things together.

Since 2004 we:

- First provided shelter for 30 children
- Provided food, clothing, education and supplies.
- Purchased new land
- Our orphanage doubled to provide for 60 children
- Built new houses and amenities
- Built a proper school
- Built a small free medical centre for the whole village

What we would like to achieve next:

- Build a daycare centre for local parents
- Create an Empowerment Program to support local women
- Build a bigger free medical centre to assist more locals.

Thank you for supporting Luminaya NFT, together we can spread more love and abundance.

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